Bio: I am a little green, fickle, loving and a thorough over- thinker. I don't know how to not love something I love, or worse still, love something I do not love; but I think it's fine that way, and I cannot be sorry about it. I am complicated, all nerves and drama; but my heart, they say it is beautiful and full of light. I have values, goals, and dreams; but more often than not, I am too scared to believe. Too scared to believe in myself, too scared to believe in what I do. The muses, the passion, the demons, and the desires they birth... all of them look up to me, to breathe the songs they sing into the world. So they may be heard, so they may be listened to. But sometimes I fall short. I get tired, and lose the will to do, or say, or be, or try. I run away in a bid to hide from everything, to hide from them and hide from me. I love to run, maybe i'll stay one day. But again, I am a cluster of clumsy nerves, lazy fantasies and hazy memories, and it's a miracle that I inspire you.

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